015_How to seal the dilatation of the tank without entering it?

Sealing from the outside is a hard task. Especially if you are not really sure where the leakage is located. Sealing not only from the outside but also from underneath seems nearly impossible. But in this conversation our guest, Frank Hölzel unveils how you can do it. He also tells us the story of how to move from a well-developed country to Bolivia and start a business there from scratch.

Epoxy vs. Polyurethane Crack Injection - how to choose?

This is #014 episode of the Concrete Injection Made Easy podcast. And since it’s a concrete injection podcast, I have a question: what do we use most often on our job sites to inject into the cracks?

Today's episode is my solo show explaining how to choose between PU and EP resin to inject the crack. Some key indicators will help you to understand the real necessity, this only one step far away from the right resin to take. We’ll look at the main similarities and key differences and which are used when. I’ll give you an insider’s take on my experience using both.

#013 Anton Vorek  DESOI  Koester  Mabi on  COVID, market,  and the future of the injection industry

As you will see in a moment, the #013 episode is different from the previous ones. There have never been so many guests. I have never asked anyone to record an answer to previously prepared questions. I have never recorded a video to ask these questions personally and at the same time encourage you to prepare an answer. In this episode of the Concrete Injection Made Easy podcast, all of this has happened. And I am so happy about it.

012 episode of concrete injection made easy podcast

The 12th episode of Concrete Injection Made Easy is a transcript of yesterday's webinar, which was a session of answering your questions.
I replied about why I insist on drilling smaller holes and using smaller than 13mm packers.

Why drill such large holes? It's a waste of time, resin and concrete deterioration. Let's not do that anymore!

011 Taking the ‘Voodoo’ Out of Concrete Injection With Chris Coderre from SealBoss

A big problem on job sites is that some concrete repair contractors aren’t methodical enough in applying proven processes and technologies. This leads to sub-optimal execution and customer dissatisfaction. And this just makes a bad name for the dedicated professionals among us.

The key to being the kind of contractor that gets repeat business because they use proven methods, technologies, and processes is to leverage the information that can be found in well-prepared datasheets.

How a Growth Mindset Is Key to Boosting Your Concrete Injection Business

Welcome to the 10th episode of the Concrete Injection Made Easy Podcast! Wow, what a milestone!. I’m thrilled this project has come this far. The overwhelming positive feedback I’ve received is super-charging me to move forward and provide more content to benefit you, my listeners. Today’s episode is especially interesting because it goes beyond a technical level and shows the importance of having an attitude that encourages personal and business growth and development.


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