Advantages of an injection test field with Stephan Delarue
I know I made you guys wait a long time, but I did say that this year's episodes would come due time.
OK, no more waiting. You are just about to listen to the 20th episode of the Concrete Injection Made Easy podcast.

How to run a construction company with Jens Bögershausen

I recently did a poll.
It turns out that we all struggle with all sorts of problems. These are various issues, but among them are running a business, overcoming obstacles, employing people, maintaining the quality of the work performed, and finally acquiring new customers. And if we add to this the provision of construction services of various specialties in several countries on several continents, the number of variables increases almost exponentially.

018 Taking over the job site - crack re-injection

There is still an ongoing survey asking about the challenges and problems associated with concrete pressure injection. One of the answers was the situation of taking over the construction site from another contractor, yet someone else writes about the crack re-injection. I put these themes together in today's episode. I tell you how we run cracks' re-injection after an earlier unsuccessful try.

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017 Forum on Injection Technology 2020+1 in the podcast

Had it not been for Covid, everything would have gone as planned. The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship and Forum on Injection Technology (Forum Injektion Technik) would take place in 2020. But sadly, both of these events were canceled and moved to 2021. Today we are talking about the latter because I managed to invite Mr. Marvin Klostermeier, a representative of the organizer of this event to the Concrete Injection Made Easy podcast.

These 7 questions (and answers) will increase the effectiveness of remedial injection

Let me ask you a question. Do you want to earn more, have more time, develop your business, sleep well without thinking that there may be leakages somewhere caused by your mistakes?

015_How to seal the dilatation of the tank without entering it?

Sealing from the outside is a hard task. Especially if you are not really sure where the leakage is located. Sealing not only from the outside but also from underneath seems nearly impossible. But in this conversation our guest, Frank Hölzel unveils how you can do it. He also tells us the story of how to move from a well-developed country to Bolivia and start a business there from scratch.


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This Free PDF Checklist Reveals a 7-Question Methodology

you can use today to increase your effectiveness and build a personal brand.

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