I have a such gen

I have a such gen that pushes me to save buildings, revitalize and restore their splendor. I have always enjoyed a refurbished house more than a few new ones. I like to stay in such facilities during construction works. Before my eyes, they regain their former glory. They will be able to serve the next generations of people again.

One of the talents discovered in the Gallup test allows me to act for the good of many people. My work favors the realization of these natural predispositions. Repairing a large facility has had a positive effect on many people over the years.

I fix it because I want the world around me to look different. Cracked and damaged structures should not look like this. I was always surprised by how much people don’t care about their property, postponing repairs, they are able to bring them down.

The proof of the need for renovation is the delight, pride and, emotion enjoyed by the restored buildings. This is happening all over the world. 

The presence in the construction repair industry suits me perfectly. This is exactly what I live and what I still want to do. When I learned about injection technology, I felt like I was entering a higher level of consciousness. Then the memory of a childhood spent on the construction in the late 80s suddenly became so primitive.
Compared to modern pumps and resins, those materials and tools were more like toys. 

I am looking for the possibility of saving and modernizing the structure. I am learning new technologies so that they can restore old and more damaged objects. Without meeting people who share these passions and personal development, Inblock would be just a business, not a sense of life.I grew up on a construction site and got to know the first industry experiences there. I met the smell of fresh concrete. It was there that I developed my imagination observing the construction of the stair formwork. 

Today, I am building a company that allows me to bind in the passion of repair, a passion for revitalization and my childhood memories of presence at the construction site. 

I am glad that I can fulfill my dreams by doing my job using the state of the art injection technologies and with the participation of people and employees sharing the same interests. The gene of revitalization and repair is fully revealed.

Our why?

Mateusz Furs
CEO of Inblock sp.z o.o.