Pressure injection

The most important service of our company is a pressure injection. It is carried out to seal the concrete or masonry structure. Thanks to our knowledge and highly specialized equipment, our staff is able to analyze the problem, develop a recovery plan and undertake its implementation. The duration of the service will be fully adapted to the investor’s work schedule. Using the experience of our specialists, we make:

  • Pressure sealing injection: used to fill scratches, cracks, cold joints and expansion joints.
  • Pressure reinforcement – consolidating injection: used to fill scratches and cracks with epoxy resin.
  • Structural pressure injection: used for structural seals, filling of voids and caverns, strengthening of structures.
  • Curtain pressure injection: used for trenchless reconstruction of vertical insulation.


seals and strengthens

eliminates causes and effects

without excluding the object from use

Where injection can be used?

Seals and repairs using injection technology can be carried out inside most buildings, in particular in their underground parts (car parks of shopping malls and residential buildings, warehouse halls or public buildings) exposed to groundwater. Repair and sealing can also be performed on objects with access only from the outside (silos, tanks).

Thanks to the low invasiveness of the technology, it is possible to carry out injection work without having to exclude the object from use. Low noise or dust emission enables repairs to be carried out under traffic loads, e.g. in an underground garage. We understand the business needs of our clients. The low level of arduous work is the key to cooperation. If necessary, we use resins reacting in just a few minutes.

Why INJECTION TECHNOLOGY? The advantages of using

Injection is one of the less invasive methods of repairing reinforced concrete walls and slabs, due to:

  • Avoiding demolition and removing a damaged concrete ;
  • Low level of arduous work
  • Low levels of dust and noise during workmanship
  • It is possible to carry out work in stages (there is no need to shut down the entire building at the same time
  • High durability and reliability of repair
  • The ability to adjust and easily modify the properties of the repair material and technology for damage during repair work – e.g. reaction time of injection resin binding, level of increase in volume or strength
  • Pressure injection as a method of repairing structures is used globally – it is supported by statistics and effectiveness of use.


Pressure injection technology consists of forcing properly selected repair material through injection packers into the structure (cracks), between the structures (expansion joints) or out of the structure (ground). From here the material spreads in voids, caverns, scratches or cracks in the repaired element. The repair effect is achieved due to the properties of the repair material after setting. 

The injection is a non-invasive technology that allows you to eliminate the causes and effects of the problem without having to demolish building structures, conduct difficult and arduous digging, or without excluding the object from use. 

There are low-pressure, medium-pressure and high-pressure injections.