Advantages of an injection test field with Stephan Delarue

Opublikowano: 22 April 2021 Reading time: 1 minute
I know I made you guys wait a long time, but I did say that this year’s episodes would come due time.
OK, no more waiting. You are just about to listen to the 20th episode of the Concrete Injection Made Easy podcast.

Today’s topic seems interesting to me, and it relates to collecting information before making a proper repair.
In almost all of the previous episodes, we talked about the crucial need to understand the problem. The injection test field serves this purpose.
And as it will turn out, it is a great way to prove that pressure injection can be a great solution to many problems on the construction site. All you have to do is do everything carefully.

I invite you to listen to an interview with Stephan Delarue from Webac.

Recording of 20th podcast episode with Stephan

who bye the way was our guest on the 3rd episode. 
I do encourage you to listen to the previous episode with Stephan as well. 
Ok, let’s jump into the conversation.

Stephan Delarue comments on ones podcast interview.png


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