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Are you thinking of improving the visibility of yourself and your service company? Do you want to stop competing only with a lower price? Of course, it’s possible. Build your personal brand and you will see people calling you an expert, not just a small service contractor. Pressure injection also called grouting is a niche. Perhaps the smallest in the world. And you can become a whale in this pond.

Marketing guide for the whole industry inside!

We will never be on 1st page of the world’s media. It’s probably not possible. Our resources for marketing are and will be limited. So what to do? Sit down and cry?

No, it’s a waste of time. Listen to the episode now.


From this podcast episode you will find out that the greatest danger to our industry is not our direct competitor, but ignorance. If we are to think about improving the situation of each of the participants in this market, then we should all work to increase the awareness of our clients and prospects.

I understand exactly my mission as a podcaster, some time ago I recorded a video explaining why I do what I do, i.e. a podcast, here it is:

Charlie puts it straight: the best customer is an educated customer. Ask yourself if your client has been well prepared for the planned activities on its construction site?

Ask your supplier for help, or even a course of providing technical messages, good diagnostics, and selecting solutions to the needs and financial and business possibilities of clients.

Important Acronym

What does the ITTT acronym mean? If This, Then That.

Do not propose the same solution to everyone, because it will not always be correct, although the technology itself can certainly work. Understand the customer’s situation and adjust the technology, price, and arguments so that you do not turn out to be a crazy man detached from reality. It is a short way to lose a client’s order.
And here we come back to educating the industry so that it educates its customers well. I keep saying that if only we manage to educate the market, the pie will be bigger for all of us.

Today’s Guest

Our today’s guest is Charlie Lerman tells you what you can do to become a recognizable personality in the world of concrete repair, or basically any other niche industry.
So sit back, listen and think about what you can do today to become a recognized specialist in your field.

Charlie talks about himself during the podcast, so here I am attaching the link to his account on LinkedIn, Charlie Lerman

If you want to connect to his network, write in the invitation that you listened to his tips on the Concrete Injection Made Easy podcast episode.

Writing an invite message is an absolute must if you want to see how quickly he would write back to you 🙂


I have prepared a surprise for you. The same Guide was given to all my podcast guests because I always wanted their knowledge and experience to be appreciated by the largest auditorium possible.

Today you too can feel like a podcast guest, but most of all you can start building your personal brand and show everyone that you are an expert in your industry.


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