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Inside, Between, Above… 

This 23rd podcast episode will explain the wider applicability of fundamental injection rules around.

When I was learning injection, nothing helped me as much as this broad view of the issue.

I’m going to construction and what’s next?


Target injection location is my answer to a lot of questions.
And it allows you to put together a puzzle of technology.

Nothing else helped me as much as this table. 

What is your purpose of injection?

No other classification explains so many things in one fell swoop.

Classification based on injection pressure, amount of resin components, or type of pump does not explain much.
And most likely not as much information about your target injection location.
I always start my activities on the construction site from this!

Do you want to get into the injection topic and understand the main principles?
This episode is for you.

message from a construction site

This is a new series on the podcast.

series name? you have a message from a construction site.

the purpose of the series?

fun, exchange of experiences, greetings, and sounds from the construction site.

In other words, record your construction message, say where you are, who you are therewith, and what you are doing.

Anyone can record a message, and so can you!


Recorded messages please send to this address:


or on my WhatsApp 0048503809898

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