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Opublikowano: 26 kwietnia 2021 Czas czytania: 3 minuty

Today is a day with a lot of news. Note, I am giving away knowledge, just download it to automate your activity in the concrete repair industry.

This episode is entirely about how to prepare for crack injection in concrete.
I am talking about an e-book that I recently finished. The e-book titled „6 Core Principles for Effective Crack Injection” discusses the most important issues of preparation for injection, increasing the chances of correct and effective filling of the crack using pressure injection technology.

And if you’re curious who’s hosting the episode today… Tom is my English teacher and has been helping with the preparation for the episode’s recording right from the start of last year.
And in the previous episode, you could already hear him as the author of my new voiceovers. I hope you liked them as much as I do. Besides, there will be more to come.

Recording of 21st podcast episode with Tom

In order for the e-book to live and adapt to the situation on your construction site, it comes with a spreadsheet calculating the distance from the crack at which to start drilling at a given angle to cut the crack in half the thickness of the repaired concrete.
Additionally, you will calculate the length of the drill bit needed for this as well as the distance between holes drilled at the same side of the crack.cross section of cracked concrete with drilled holes marked

Cross-section of cracked concrete with drilled holes marked

We discuss this diagram during the conversation really thoroughly

In my opinion, in offline industry like injection services only using such automation as calculators allow you to accelerate key technological decisions, avoiding wasted time and simple mistakes.

Stephan Delarue LinkedIn comment

The only downside to the calculator is that it doesn’t drill by itself yet. I think I still have to work on it … 🙂

top view of cracked concrete

Top view of cracked concrete
we see the layout of holes along the crack

6 Core Principles for Effective Crack Injection

6 core principles for effective crack injection

All this will prove to be successful once and for all. And without returns and complaints, you will develop your business.
Both my e-book and the spreadsheet complement each other. The spreadsheet provides faster work, and automation and reduces the risk of making mistakes when preparing a crack for injection. And all this is told in the latest episode of the podcast.

So today you get 2 in 1.
A book, and a podcast episode that tells it all.
I invite you to listen to this conversation and download a tool that will speed up your work. Remember that we drill depending on the thickness of the concrete, and this is basically the only information you give to the calculator for the calculation.
Have fun.

The transcript of the conversation is being prepared and will be here soon.

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